3 Scientifically Proven Reasons to Eat Organic

Growing up, most people have heard that fruits and vegetables are needed to be strong and healthy. However, to get the most out of healthy eating it’s recommended that you choose organic produce. To find organic produce st louis mo, residents can look in their local grocery store or go to a local farmer’s market that provides fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season. Before you go shopping, let’s delve into why organic eating is ideal.

No Metals or Pesticides

Organic vegetables, grains, and fruits are grown without pesticides or fertilizers that use artificial chemicals and ingredients. These chemicals have been found to cause harm to the human body, especially when consumed often. Some insecticides have even been linked to developmental delays in children and infants as well as other issues, such as ADHD.

Increased Healthy Fats

Unsaturated fats are healthy for the body and are often found in higher concentrations in organic milk and meats. Organic milk products also have less saturated fats and more omega-3 fatty acids. These differences are hypothesized to be due to the difference in how organic livestock is cared for and raised, with more time outdoors and a much healthier diet.

No Hormones or Antibiotics

Antibiotics are often used for livestock due to their unsanitary conditions and the close proximity animals are kept in. These antibiotics prevent illnesses and diseases from spreading, but they are ingested when the meat of these animals is eaten. Hormones are used to make animals grow larger in a much shorter timeframe, and these hormones may also cause differences in the human body when they’re ingested.

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Now that you have more information on the benefits of organic produce, you can make smarter decisions when shopping for fruits, grains, and vegetables for you and your family.