Origins And Setting Of Classic Breadstick

One of the classic things about nibbling on a breadstick is that it can be pretty much enjoyed on any occasion. You need not starve yourself for hours waiting for your next meal when all you need to do is snack on one or two breadsticks all the while. It might be slightly doughy, it might be slightly salty, but it’s a whole lot better and healthier than spoiling your appetite (and health) with crisps or fries, and worse.

Some of you reading this now might not even know what a breadstick even looks like. This then is a short intro. To avoid confusion, note that the classic breadstick is not quite bread-like, it’s more like a large, long (and tasty) biscuit. Biscuit manufacturers who know their Himalayan salt from their sea salt and who have original recipes tucked away in their vaults (these were passed down from generation to generation), do not mind sharing a few tips here and there on how to properly roll the dough prior to baking it until it is crispy-hard and just right for consumption.

The Italian mammas call their sticks grissini but you can also call your breadsticks dipping sticks. That’s exactly what you can do with them. Dip them into a tangy or hot sauce or salsa. It’s a great aperitif for the main meal of pasta or fried tortillas. Another good accompaniment would be your classic garlic bread rolls.

Italian in origin, the original breadstick was first made in the town of Turin way back in the fourteenth century. A certain gentleman by the name of Lorenzo Torinese is believed to have invented the famous breadstick. All this talk about breadsticks can make a person hungry. All this talk also makes the mind wonder to other occasions, like sitting down to a big ballgame or classic movie night.

Instead of popcorn, you could have a bowl of breadsticks with your favorite avocado dip standing by. And of course, this snack picture is not complete without an ice cold craft beer or two. But don’t just ditch the poppers! Oh, alright then; leave the popcorn just so, over there. And did you know that popcorn, as well as the classic breadstick is very much a part of your cultural heritage. That is to say that you are American through and through.

The Italians have been living in this country for so many generations now, but it’s true; the Native Americans have been here even longer. And it is them that invented the much loved popped corn. And would you believe that they even delivered the first potato crisp, or so the story goes. Traditionally, breadsticks will be used in restaurants as appetizers. For people like you who can’t wait to eat.

breadsticksHimalayan salt from their sea salt

Breadsticks still go great with the traditional Italian meals, like pizza, pasta and veal cutlets, not forgetting the salty seafood salad. Got to go. That’s the doorbell. Sounds like the pizza delivery has just arrived.