Picking The Top Toppings For Your Pizza

Out of all the different Italian meals we can possibly have the pizza is probably the most popular.  The simplistic design of the dish allows for any type of topping or combination of toppings to be added making each one a unique experience.  For many, a roman style pizza astoria ny may top their list, but for others their tastes may vary.  When it comes to pizza what are your favorite toppings and why?


When thinking of a pizza, the first topping that enters into our minds is pepperoni.  Pepperoni is a type of sausage that isn’t cooked.  When cooked however and placed on a pizza, the size, smell and aroma just makes your mouth water. 


Sausage is possibly the second most requested item to put on a pizza.  Beef sausage, pork sausage as well as hot, spicy, mild and Cajun are all options.  When putting sausage on pizza cutting it into round circles from the log is popular as well as spreading ground sausage all over.

Black olives and other vegetables

Black olives give a pizza a little kick.  When biting into the pizza the texture of a black olive will delight the senses.

Designing the perfect pizza

To design the perfect pizza you need to decide on the crust.  Thin, thick, hand tossed, cheese filled and more are all options that you have to choose from.  Grilling the crust or baking it in the oven will also change the flavor and texture.


What type of sauce do you like on your pizza?  Traditionally tomato sauce tops the list.  From there we have white sauce, garlic and oil and even a plan no sauce pizza.  When we add the sauce to the pizza it creates a barrier between the toppings and the crust which makes the first bite so enjoyable.


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To top off the pizza what type of cheese do you like?  Mozzarella tops the list with traditional pizza where goat cheese, yellow sharp cheese and a combination of assorted cheeses have all found their way on top of a pizza.

No matter what you like on your pizza make sure that you create the fun and unique combinations that will make you come back for more.